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  • Wheel Bearings Wondering what that annoying humming is? Come to Army Jay's before it turns into a dangerous grinding!
  • Valve Cover Gasket - Smells like oil burning from time to time. Repair that valve cover leak now!
  • Tune Up - Get your performance and fuel efficiency back! Tune up NOW!
  • Tie Rods - Shaking while you ride! Let us diagnose it and get you back to a smooth ride!
  • Radiator - Overheating ruins engines! 
  • Thermostat - Why let a $20 part take your engine out? Get your cooling system serviced today!
  • Serpentine Belt - Don't get stranded! If it squeaks or is cracked, change it now!

** Denotes labor only. Vehicles and prices may vary. Please contact us to request a quote or schedule a diagnostic.

We offer the following services and more: 

  • ​​​SPECIAL: Starting at $500!!! Engine Replacement. All makes and models, call/click for an estimate!
  • Transmission Replacement Starting at $250... Call/Click Now for a quote!
  • Brakes $80 Front Pads and Labor Special
  • Oil Change $20 Conventional, $40 Synthetic Special**Ends Soon**
  • Timing Belt Over 75,000 Miles? Hurry to Army Jay's Before it's too late!
  • Fuel Pump - We get our pumps from the best suppliers with the best warranty!
  • Alternator - Battery won't stay charged? We can diagnose that!

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